• Ecological solutions in insulation

    Ecological and environmentally friendly insulation plasters.Provides a high level of heat, sound and water insulation. It provides extra durability to buildings with A1 class non flammability.

  • The right way to protect buildings

    Isı, ses, su yalıtımı, yanmazlık dayanımı, nem ve küfe karşı koruma.

  • Both; Paint and Protect!

    When coloring your structures, protect them against moisture, mold...

  • Perfect solutions on the ground...

    We offer effective and dazzling solutions for floor coverings.

FN25 & FN50

Heat Insulation Plaster

Cement based, expanded glass bead granule filled, polymer reinforced, special ,exterior and interior thermal insulation plaster. Momentum FN25 thermal insulation plaster is used in interior and exterior facades. The expanded glass bead is formed by supporting with aggregate hydraulic binder and 99% natural raw materials providing superior performance; It is an ecological insulation plaster that provides heat, water, sound and fire insulation. Does not form heat bridges. A1 class non-flammable, breathable material. Due to its low density, it does not put any load on the structures. It does not contain carcinogenic substances. Provides sound insulation. It is resistant to acid rain, prevents moisture and moisture and prevents mold and fungus formation. It does not undergo chemical degradation, it is equivalent to the life of your building.